Welcome to David’s Home Sitting Services

Hello, and thank you for visiting us! We provide secure, discreet house and pet sitting services for clients in south Calgary.

Many customers that inquire about our services ask first: “what do you do?”, and I’ve found that the best answer is: “all requests are considered”

Our purpose is not to trim and mow lawns, shovel snow, weed gardens, or perform other general landscaping duties, but to maintain the security of the home and the appearance of it being occupied while the owners/tenants are away. Of course this often includes some light Lawn Care and Shoveling services if our client doesn’t have these services provided for by someone else (these types of service providers do NOT require the insurance coverage we have as they do not normally have to enter the customer’s home like we do).

A Basic Home Care visit can normally be completed within approximately 20 minutes of “on site” time for an average city home and lot. Pricing on a per visit basis is determined during an initial no cost or obligation meeting during which the customer’s unique needs can be determined. A Service Agreement must be completed and signed by both parties before service can commence.

The second most-asked question is “how often do you visit a home?”

The frequency of visits to check a home, property (and pets, if there are any) are determined by both the customer’s needs and preference, as well as by their home insurance requirements. Everybody should be aware of the maximum time allowed between visits to have their home entered and competently checked while they’re away. For clients without pets, I have seen and heard of home insurance visit frequency requirements ranging from “not required” to “once every 24 hours”. This important bit of detail can mean the difference between having a customer’s insurance coverage kept valid while they’re absent from the home to having the coverage made invalid (and possible claims denied) by not having the home checked often enough.
Some clients have engaged our services BECAUSE a claim they made in past with their insurance provider was denied due to having no one checking their home and property in the correct manner and frequency required by their insurance policy.

Please view our Services offered, and thank you again for visiting us!

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