Basic Home Care*
– provide the lived in look; outdoor security checks
– interior home checks (furnace, freezers, water leaks)
– clear mailbox, /steps/yard of letters, flyers, newspapers, windblown debris, etc.
– water plants, adjust blinds, drapes and curtains
– set up light/radio timers, set out garbage
– other requests considered

Pet Care*
– feed, water, care and affection
– service is normally added to a Basic Home Care Service per visit rate
– service requiring more than an additional 10-15 minutes of on-site time may be subject to Extra Time charges which are often Invoiced separately to a client
– due to seasonal and other “heavy” workload times, service might be declined for the “high maintenance” type of pet(s)
– this proprietorship is a member in good standing of Pet Sitters International since 1997



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